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Commitment with purpose

The world is facing unprecedented challenges. At Casa Chilli, we believe in the ideals of sustainable development - leaving a better world to future generations – an ethos which remains at the forefront of all our practices.


Projected to be sustainable

Our houses have been projected and built by Modular System, a leading company in the sector of modular homes in Portugal. At the core of this relationship, there is an emphasis on sustainability, ensuring the use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials. We divide our actions towards sustainability in 6 different elements:


Energy-efficient design & build / Passive heating and cooling systems / Recycled and sustainable building materials / Wastewater Treatment and reuse / Smart lighting and appliances / Social responsibility


How do we reduce impact?

Casa Chilli is a brand with purpose; we care about our guests, employees, suppliers, and the environment and communities that surround us.

Energy efficient design & build

Our houses were designed and built using the highest quality, eco-friendly materials, and a modular construction process that minimizes waste and reduces Co2 emissions. We have taken steps to minimize our impact on the land, including using indigenous species for reforestation and preserving existing vegetation.


The use of premium construction materials and techniques ensures our houses are energy-efficient, with reduced energy consumption for air conditioning. We have installed solar thermal panels, triple insulation, photovoltaic panels, and batteries for energy accumulation to make our houses self-sufficient.


Our electric radiant floors are energy-efficient, and we have charging sockets for electric cars and low-consumption electrical appliances.

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